Best Fulfillment Services for Shopify

Are you considering outsourcing fulfillment services for your Shopify store? Learn when you should consider using a 3PL (“Third Party Logistics”) company – also known as a fulfillment center – and why you should be using the top fulfillment center for Shopify fulfillment, with rates starting at just $1.00.

What is a fulfillment center?

A fulfillment company is a warehouse that manages the receipt and storage of inventory, and the packaging, shipping, and returns of orders for your company.

Fulfillment Services

When do I need a fulfillment center?

  • You’re shipping at least 5-10 orders a day.

  • Fulfilling orders is simply taking too much time.

What are the benefits of using a fulfillment center?

  • Same day shipping.

  • Faster shipping speeds.

  • Huge discounts on shipping.

  • More time to focus on driving sales and customer support.

  • No need to hire employees to pack and ship orders.

  • No need to lease storage space or buy packaging supplies for inventory.

  • You’ll have the technology to keep track of your inventory.

What to look for in a 3PL for Shopify?

1. Shopify Integration - Fulfillment centers have built-in integrations that connect your store with their software. When an order is placed on your site, all of the information is sent to the warehouse for the 3PL to fulfill the order. Obviously, it is very important to make sure the fulfillment company integrates with Shopify, so you have a seamless fulfillment process.

2. Low & Transparent Pricing - You want a partner you can trust with your product. So, be on the lookout for fulfillment centers with lots of hidden fees like Shipbob. Their deceptive pricing is meant to draw you in and once you sign up your actual fulfillment rates are much higher. Stick to companies that show you all your rates up-front and are open about their fee structure.

Common Fulfillment Fees:

  • Implementation/Account Fees – The costs associated with setting up or maintaining an account with your 3PL provider.

  • Receiving – The counting, processing, and storing of inventory from inbound shipments.

Types of Pricing

+ Per hour

+ Per item

  • Pick & Pack – The picking of items from storage and packing of items into packaging.

Types of Pricing

+ Flat rate per shipment

+ Flat fee for 1st item, plus a smaller fee per every additional item

+ Flat fee per item

  • Storage – The cost of storing your inventory in the warehouse.

Types of Pricing

+ Per Cubic Foot

+ Per Bin/Pallet

  • Shipping – The cost of shipping an order to the customer.

3. Good Customer Service

If the fulfillment center you are looking at does not have an easy to find contact number, that is a major red flag. You will have lots of questions and small issues will come up with orders all the time. It is crucial to have a dedicated account manager who you can always get a response from within 24 hours to sort things out.

Best Fulfillment Services for Shopify

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