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Package Still in Transit to Destination - USPS

Does your USPS package still say Item is currently in transit to destination? Find out what it means and when to expect your package.

USPS Package Currently In Transit To Destination With Delivery Driver

What does in transit to destination mean?

If the tracking on your package says In Transit to Destination, it means that your package is currently on the way to you. In transit doesn't give you too much detail into the current status, but you can get a good grasp of where it is based on the previous update.

For example, if your package was processed at a facility in Dallas prior to being in transit, and you live in Austin, you can assume that the next tracking update will show it at your local post office.

Can I redirect a package while it is in transit?

If your package has been marked as Out for Delivery, USPS will not be able to redirect it. However, if your package is still in transit, there is a chance you can redirect it using USPS Package Intercept.

If it is only getting delivered to your old address in a nearby town, it would be better to just call them and have them hold it at that post office. Using Package Intercept will cost you a pretty penny at $15.95 per package plus any applicable postage fees. It is also not guaranteed, as sometimes the package may be too far along in the delivery process or the package may not be located in time to change it's destination. You can check out USPS delivery times here.

If you ordered from a business online, you can contact them if your package has not already shipped, but if it has, you will have to use Package Intercept or pick it up locally.

Why is my package still in transit?

If your package has been in transit for more than 10 days, it can be quite irritating. Sometimes USPS is simply delayed in their delivery. However, there are a few things you can do to make sure your package is still making progress.

Your package is moving within the USPS Network

This status normally means that your package hasn't been scanned recently and USPS is providing an automated update to make you feel updated. More than likely, your package is delayed.

Check the last update

How long ago was the last update? If it has been more than 3-5 days, you may want to start getting concerned. This doesn't mean your package is lost, but there could certainly be a delay. If it has only been a few days, you may just have to be patient.

After a week, if there is no update, you should reach out to USPS customer service or the retailer you ordered from to inquire about the status of the package. Sometimes a package can be delayed for weeks, but many times, a package may be lost if you're not seeing any updates after 7 days or so.

International orders

If your package is going to or from another country, packaging updates will be less frequent, so you should expect to wait a couple weeks for updates sometimes. If you have no update after a month, that is when it is a good time to check in.

File a missing mail search

Although it is not always visible to you, the USPS has full vision into where and when a package was scanned. Sometimes contacting them can result in the package being located and continued on its journey. Other times, you will have to file a missing mail search to try and locate your package.

File an insurance claim

If you have submitted a missing mail search and your package was not found, you should file a claim with USPS. This can be done online or in your local post office. When you submit the claim, you will need to provide proof of purchase of the postage, as well as a detailed description of what was in the the missing package.

If the purpose of your filing a claim is to be compensated for a lost package, you might be due a refund or to have the package reshipped. However, note that USPS is not required to compensate you for lost or damaged packages unless you purchased insurance or used a ship method that had insurance already.

USPS ship methods with insurance

Any ship method can have insurance if you purchase it, but only certain ship methods come with insurance already built in to the postage fee.

Insured (up to $100)

  • Priority Mail

  • Priority Mail Express

What if I purchased my package from a retailer?

If you purchased something online from a vendor, you should always contact them first. They should sort out any issues with USPS, not you. You might have to provide some information, but they should conduct the missing mail search and file a claim on your behalf.


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