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How Late Does USPS Deliver? (2022)

What Time Does USPS Deliver Packages?

USPS is busiest in the afternoons, so your delivery time could vary depending on what time your package was picked up and processed at the post office.

Normally, USPS will start delivering by 8:00am and stops delivering by 5:00pm, although packages could arrive as late as 8:00pm. So, if you need to know when your package will be delivered or picked up on route, plan on it arriving or being picked up by 5:00pm according to the standard USPS delivery hours.

For USPS weekend delivery, Saturdays are the same time window as weekdays. On Sundays, you won’t get any mail except in special circumstances like if you ordered something from Amazon.

If you’re receiving a package and want to make sure it arrives on time, you should check your tracking information and use the Expected Delivery Date USPS provides. Knowing this information, you can plan ahead and make sure to be there when your package arrives. For packages you’re shipping, just make sure to make it in before the USPS delivery cutoff window!

What Time Does USPS Start Delivering?

USPS starts delivering packages and mail early in the morning, around 8:00am. Depending on your spot on their route, it may take hours for them to reach you.

What Time Does USPS Stop Delivering?

You’ll see the last USPS truck stop delivering packages for the day around 5:00pm, but your package could arrive as late as 8:00pm if there are delays.

What To Do When You Have A Late Delivery With USPS

If your package is arriving late, you will be able to see in the tracking information. However, if your package says Out for Delivery and is not yet delivered by the end of the day, there are a few steps you can take to find your package.

  1. If it is before 8:00pm, simply be patient. USPS is running late.

  2. Check around the outside of your house to see if the package was left in an odd spot.

  3. See if it got mixed in with your neighbor’s mail.

  4. Wait until the next day - it may be delivered tomorrow.

  5. File a claim with USPS if your package is still not delivered after multiple days.

My USPS Tracking Shows My Package is not Moving

If your tracking number has not updated in a few days, no need to worry just yet. Your package is most likely still with USPS and will be delivered around your expected delivery date.

The time between updates for USPS can be inconsistent and sometimes they can miss scans, so you may not get daily updates while the package is in transit. Once your package has reached the local post office for delivery, you will almost always receive an update.

If you have questions about USPS delivery hours, you can contact their customer service or your local US Post Office branch for assistance. If your package was ordered from a retailer, you can contact them as well to see if they can provide you insight on your package.

Basic USPS Tracking Status Meanings

  • Pre-Shipment - A USPS shipping label has been generated for your package, but it has not yet been scanned into the post office. If the package is coming from a retailer, it may take a few days to move to the next step depending on when it gets picked up.

  • In Transit - There are various stages in the in transit process, but the gist is that your package is getting to its destination. Sometimes packages may take odd routes, but this is simply USPS trying to manage volume at their various distribution centers to get your package to you with the least delay.

  • Out for Delivery - The package is on a truck and out for delivery. You should get your package on the day it says this.

  • Delivered - Your package was dropped off at the delivery address.

What Happens When USPS Delivers a Package

Once your USPS delivery driver places your package at your door, they will scan the box and update the tracking status for the shipment to Delivered. If they need to put the package in a safer spot that may be out of view, they will leave a delivery notice on your door, as long as no signature is required.

In the event a signature is required and you aren’t available, USPS will try and deliver the package again on another day. After a certain number of attempts, USPS will just hold the package for pickup at the local post office.

On occasion, when it is raining, your USPS driver may place your package in a plastic bag or put your package in a covered area to protect it. It could be on your back porch or even inside your screen door! This is normal and just USPS looking out for your package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does USPS Deliver After 5pm?

Yes, USPS may deliver as late as 8:00pm.

Does USPS Deliver At 8pm?


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