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Does UPS Deliver on Weekends (Saturday & Sunday)? [2022]

Does UPS Deliver On The Weekends

Yes, UPS does deliver on weekends. In fact, as of 2022, UPS delivers every day of the week except for major holidays and in certain residential areas. So if you need your package delivered on a Saturday or Sunday, UPS will be able to accommodate you.

UPS offers several different shipping methods, and all of them deliver on weekends. So whether you need your package delivered overnight or within a few days, UPS will be able to get it to you even if it’s on a Saturday or Sunday.

If you need your package delivered on a specific day, you can see what day a package will be delivered depending on the service you choose on UPS' website. UPS will guarantee that it will be delivered on that day or your money back. Make sure to take note of when UPS stops delivering.

Does UPS Deliver on Saturday

Yes, UPS will deliver both residential and commercial shipments on Saturdays. They will even do Saturday pickups for your business! This is a gamechanger for brands who are trying to shorten processing times on the weekends. They are the only private carrier in the US that offers this service.

Does UPS Deliver on Sunday

Yes and no. UPS just announced in 2022 that they will begin to offer limited residential deliveries on Sunday, but commercial packages are a no-go. With FedEx and USPS offering Sunday delivery, it was only a matter of time before UPS followed suit.

UPS Express Critical Sunday Delivery

You can expect the Sunday residential delivery program to increase availability in the future, but for now, if you urgently need a package delivered on Sunday you will have to spend a lot of money on UPS Express Critical. For your needs, this is more than likely overkill.

What Time Does UPS Deliver on Weekends

UPS doesn't have a concrete delivery window, but most packages are delivered before 8pm. You can track your package with more granularity by signing up for a UPS My Choice account!

In general, though, UPS is a reliable shipping company that can get your packages delivered on weekends. So if you need your package delivered ASAP, don’t hesitate to choose UPS.

Weekend Delivery Fees

If you are shipping a residential package via UPS Ground, Saturday delivery is included for no extra charge. If you are shipping to a business and specify Saturday delivery, you will be charged $4 per package unless you sign up for commercial deliveries with a Saturday pickup. Given many businesses aren't open on weekends anyways this shouldn't be too concerning.

UPS Domestic Shipping Methods with Weekend Delivery

  • UPS Ground (1-5 day)

  • UPS 3 Day Select (3 day)

  • UPS 2 Day Air (2 day)

  • UPS Next Day Air (1 day)

  • UPS SurePost (2-7 days)

Is The UPS Store Open on Weekends?

Your local UPS Store should normally be open on Saturday - usually between 9:00am and 5:00pm. On Sundays, many are open from 11:00am to 4:00pm. However, note that UPS Stores are franchises so the owners can set their own hours. You should always check the hours for your local UPS Store to make sure they are open before heading over on a Saturday or Sunday.

How to Ship Using UPS Weekend Service

  • Pack your items safely. The staff at UPS will be able to assist you with this and can provide packaging materials if needed.

  • Make sure UPS can ship to your destination.

  • Confirm if your item is prohibited or requires special labels to that destination (such as shipments containing lithium batteries).

  • Select the shipping method that you would like to use.

  • Type in the specifics of the package (dimensions, weight, etc.)

  • Check the box for additional insurance if needed.

  • Submit the information to get a quote for your shipment.

  • Print the shipping label and apply it to your package.

  • Either drop off your package at a UPS drop-off location or schedule a pickup ($).

  • Once your item has been picked up, track it in real-time using the tracking number.

What UPS Delivery Looks Like

Once the UPS driver places your package at your door, they will scan the label which updates the status to Delivered. If the package is placed in an alternate spot they deem safer, they will leave a delivery notice on your door (as long as you don't need a signature).

If your package requires a signature and you're not available, UPS will attempt to redeliver the package on another day. After a few attempts, it will remain at the UPS office for pickup or be returned to the sender.

If a signature was required and UPS shows it was delivered, go check with your neighbors or others in your home. Sometimes the driver will have another individual sign for the package if you are unavailable. In this situation, the driver will leave a UPS InfoNotice so you know where to go looking for it.

Last thing to note - if it is raining, your UPS delivery worker may find a more secure, dry place to put your package - sometimes even inside your screen door. Or, it could be in a plastic bag. This is totally normal and simply an extra effort by UPS to keep your package safe.

UPS Tracking Updates Explained

Here are the basic steps your order takes before delivery.

UPS tracking statuses for Weekend Delivery (Saturday and Sunday)

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