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alternatives to shipbob and packaging boxes yourself

Looking for a ShipBob Alternative?
Say Hello to OTW Shipping.

Scale your business with a fully transparent fulfillment partner you can trust.

Why do global brands choose OTW Shipping to manage their e-commerce fulfillment?

99.99% Order Accuracy

Not only do we offer lightning fast same-day shipping with the most competitive cutoff time in the industry, we also do it with unrivaled accuracy levels. If we ever make a mistake, we'll cover all associated fees to make it right!

Transparent Billing

You don't like hidden fees? Neither do we. A huge part of being your fulfillment partner is being upfront about what you will be paying and when. You can easily view all your charges with a detailed breakdown in your account dashboard at any time.

In-House Level Support

We designed OTW Shipping to be your own personal warehouse team! With your own Ryver channel, you'll have direct lines to our warehouse, support team, and leadership for immediate assistance whenever you need it. From startups to small businesses to established companies, you get the same unmatched support.

OTW Shipping vs ShipBob Pricing

Alternative to Shipbob vs OTW Shipping Pricing_edited.jpg

Click here for a full breakdown of ShipBob's rates.

Click here for a full breakdown of Shipbob's kitting fees.

OTW Shipping vs ShipBob SLAs

Alternative to Shipbob vs OTW Shipping SLAs

Note: Pricing can vary depending on your business needs. Please request your custom pricing plan (below) for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

Evan Tripp Owner of Flik.png
Flik Product in Hand.jpg

"I was looking for a more personal fulfillment relationship and OTW Shipping offered better customer service and communication than ShipBob. It was the fact that I am working with you directly and can email you knowing you guys get back to me right away.

ShipBob would not have easily given answers to those questions. So it was very valuable for me to see how you actually do things and was the validation for me to say that you guys are truly legit, these guys are responsive, and they care about my business.


When things come up, your team is insanely responsive. That is something that can’t be overlooked in a fulfillment partner. The other end of that is consistency. You need somebody to ship out your product on time and accurately. You don’t screw that up. Those are the two things you look for. Those are the two things that you need."

Evan Tripp | Founder of Flik

Trusted by startups and global brands
featured in Forbes, Good Morning America, and more

QIWI CBD Owner Joshua Gomez

Joshua Gomez

Founder, QIWI

It doesn't feel like they have as many clients as they do because whenever I need attention it doesn't feel like I'm pulling teeth to get someone to help me out. It's like, no, this is our relationship. This is how we operate. That's something that Shipmonk could never do for me - having a team that has your company's best interest at heart.


I have the customer support - more than I need. Reliability has been off the charts. Fulfillment has made the biggest difference to our customers. And on top of that I'm actively being kept in the loop.


Also, faster shipping for sure. If I submit an order, within an hour it will be processed.


growth after switching from Shipmonk

Isla Eyewear Owner Karan Jaggi

Karan Jaggi

Founder, Isla Eyewear

Fantastic company to work with. Helped me countless times with confusion I had, amazing support/guidance and great service. 100% recommend to go with them over Shipbob, Deliverr, or any other bigger service you're thinking of going to.

orders per month


Clutch Charger Owner Wilson Carter

Wilson Carter

Founder, Clutch Charger


orders in one day

It's an honor to write a review for the team over at OTW. These guys consistently go above and beyond for our company. They are kind and work hard. We recently did a massive sale with Good morning America and had several thousand orders processed and shipped. Highly recommend them.

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