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UPS Ground Map - Shipping Zone Calculator

Use this calculator to create a UPS ground map to determine shipping times from your zip code.

What are shipping zones?

Shipping zones are geographic areas that UPS uses to calculate shipping times and prices. The number of the shipping zone a package travels to depends on the origin and destination zip codes. The further away your destination is, the higher the shipping zone will be. As a result, your package will take longer to arrive. Shipping zones also impact the cost of postage. The farther the distance, the higher the shipping cost.

How are shipping zones determined?

The miles for each shipping zone are calculated based on the distance from the origin zip code.

Shipping Zone Radius

Zone 1 (local) | 50 mile radius

Zone 2 | 51 – 150 mile radius

Zone 3 | 151 – 300 mile radius

Zone 4 | 301 – 600 mile radius

Zone 5 | 601 – 1000 mile radius

Zone 6 | 1001 – 1400 mile radius

Zone 7 | 1401 – 1800 mile radius

Zone 8 | 1801+ mile radius

Zone 9 | Freely Associated States

UPS Shipping Zones

UPS Ground is a shipping method that uses ground transportation to deliver packages. This means that your package will not be placed on a plane at any point. It is typically the most economical shipping method, but it may take longer to arrive than other methods. It is also frequently used for many hazmat products that cannot be shipped via air transportation.

UPS Ground provides deliver by dates, so you know exactly when you are going to get your package. The ship speed for this particular method is between 1 and 5 days, so it does arrive fairly quickly.

You do have to watch out for the plethora of surcharges that can be added to an order which can raise the price substantially. These charges include, but are not limited to: residential surcharges, peak surcharges, large package surcharges, and delivery area surcharges.

Note: If you are an eCommerce business looking to find cheaper shipping rates, you may want to look into a 3PL.

UPS Zone Map

This UPS Shipping Zone Calculator is free and generates a UPS zone map for UPS Ground that can be used to calculate which shipping zone your package will be delivered to, as well as the estimated transit time.

If you are looking to determine which zip codes pair with which zones from the map, you can generate an Excel file of zip code/zone pairs here!


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