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Looking for a Deliverr Alternative?
Say Hi to OTW Shipping.

Scale your business with a fully transparent fulfillment partner you can trust.

What's New with Deliverr

Deliverr was recently acquired by Shopify to headline Shopify's Fulfillment Network (SFN) for $2.1B. Normally when a 3PL is acquired, there is a drop in service for a short time as the new ownership takes over. If you're at that point now, it may be time to look at other alternatives to Deliverr.

Why do scaling brands choose OTW Shipping to run their e-commerce fulfillment?

99.99% Order Accuracy

We ship lightning fast with same-day shipping, the latest cutoff time in the industry, and impeccable accuracy levels. If a mistake happens, we'll pay any fees to make things right!

Transparent Billing

Not a fan of hidden fees? Neither are we. As your fulfillment partner, we're open about what you pay and when you pay it. All your charges are easily viewed and broken down in your personal account at any time.

In-House Level Support

OTW Shipping is here as your own personal warehouse team! Speak directly to our warehouse, support team, and leadership in your Ryver channel, for quick assistance whenever you need it From 10 orders to 10,000 orders, you receive the same unrivaled support.

OTW Shipping vs Deliverr Pricing

Click here for a comprehensive review of Deliverr's fees.

Alternative to Deliverr vs OTW Shipping Services

OTW Shipping vs Deliverr Pick & Pack Pricing

Alternative to Deliverr vs OTW Shipping Pick & Pack Pricing

Note: Pricing may vary based on your brand's needs. Please request a custom quote (below) for any additional discounts you can receive.

OTW Shipping vs Deliverr SLAs

Alternative to Deliverr vs OTW Shipping SLAs
Karan Jaggi Isla Eyewear.jfif
Isla Eyewear Sunglasses Blue.jpg

Fantastic company to work with. Helped me countless times with confusion I had, amazing support/guidance and great service. 100% recommend to go with them over Shipbob, Deliverr, or any other bigger service you're thinking of going to.

Karan Jaggi | Founder of Isla Eyewear

Trusted by side hustles and international empires
seen in Forbes, Good Morning America, and more

Evan Tripp Owner of Flik.png

Evan Tripp

Founder, Flik

​I was looking for a more personal fulfillment relationship and OTW Shipping offered better customer service and communication than ShipBob. It was the fact that I am working with you directly and can email you knowing you guys get back to me right away.​


When things come up, your team is insanely responsive. That is something that can’t be overlooked in a fulfillment partner. The other end of that is consistency. You need somebody to ship out your product on time and accurately. You don’t screw that up. Those are the two things you look for. Those are the two things that you need.


backorders shipped from Amazon

Alex Johrden Avocajoe.jpg

Alex Johrden

Founder, Isla Eyewear

OTW's service is second to none! Hands down the best 3PL we've worked with, I can't recommend them enough.

orders per month


Clutch Charger Owner Wilson Carter

Wilson Carter

Founder, Clutch Charger


orders in one day

It's an honor to write a review for the team over at OTW. These guys consistently go above and beyond for our company. They are kind and work hard. We recently did a massive sale with Good morning America and had several thousand orders processed and shipped. Highly recommend them.

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